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  • Choy, S. Y., (UGC/FDS14/P01/17) HK$575,473
    Fuzzy Bit-plane-dependence Multi-domain Region Competition: Mathematical Modelling and Applications
  • Chu, M. Y., (UGC/FDS14/P05/17) HK$506,100
    Statistical disclosure control of confidential data using vine copulas with applications to finance and healthcare management
  • Ho, M. W., (UGC/FDS14/P03/17) HK$463,090
    A Bayesian Semiparametric Approach to the Endogeneity Problem
  • LAM, S. Y., (UGC/FDS14/P04/17) HK$476,200
    Supervised Dimensionality Reduction with Unsupervised Learning: Theory and Applications
  • Tang, M. L., (UGC/FDS14/P06/17) HK$844,200
    Alternative Item Count Techniques for Sensitive Survey Questions: Theories and Methods
  • YU, K. W., (UGC/FDS14/P02/17) HK$611,153
    Interior Subgradient Methods for Large-scale Quasi-convex Optimization and Their Applications
  • Chu, M. Y., (UGC/IIDS14/P01/17) HK$403,750
    Recent Developments in Business Analytics and New Research Directions
  • Chu, M. Y., (UGC/FDS14/P05/16) HK$1,182,250
    Statistical Inference of Sensitive Randomized Dichotomous Responses with Applications to Information Management and Healthcare Management
  • Lee, W. Y., (UGC/FDS14/P03/16) HK$733,800
    Analysis and Application of Bounds in Insolvency Problem
  • Tang, M. L., (UGC/FDS14/P01/16) HK$1,114,450
    Advanced Statistical Methods for Complex Longitudinal Data Analysis
  • Yuen, F. L., (UGC/FDS14/P02/16) HK$1,152,383
    On the Uncertainty of Value-at-Risk of Individual Risk
  • Choy, S. K., (UGC/FDS14/P04/15) HK$870,550
    Fuzzy Generalised Gaussian Density Segmentation Model: Mathematical Analysis and Applications
  • Yu, C. Y., (UGC/FDS14/M01/15) HK$1,059,083
    Investigation of Spatio-temporal Relationship between the Structure and Function in Glaucoma Using Partial Least Squares Regression (PLS-R)
  • Yu, K. W., (UGC/FDS14/P02/15) HK$1,006,183
    Sparse Optimization Models with Application to Portfolio Management
  • Zel, T. F., (UGC/IIDS14/P01/15) HK$419,175
    Symposia in Data Science
  • Choy, S. K., (UGC/FDS14/E02/14) HK$573,620
    Model-based Unsupervised Image Segmentation
  • LAM, S. Y., (UGC/FDS14/E03/14) HK$989,897
    Data Functional Modelling with Outliers
  • Tang, M. L., (UGC/FDS14/P01/14) HK$618,585
    New Items Count Techniques for Surveys with Sensitive Questions: Theories and Methods
  • Yu, K. W., (UGC/FDS14/P03/14) HK$667,115
    Generalized multicriteria programs and their application in portfolio selection problems
  • Liu, N. W., (UGC/IIDS14/P01/14) HK$381,570
    Workshop Series in Applied Statistics