Admission Assessment

  • Written test is not required.
  • Interview will be arranged on a case-by-case basis.
  • Interview will be conducted during the period from May to July 2018. Applicants will be notified about details of interview arrangement via email.

Admission Policy

Admission Policy:

The BSC-DSBI programme adopts a Best Five Subject policy with Mathematics (Compulsory Part) inclusive. The admission score is calculated based upon the summation of the weighted score of five subjects obtained from the Best Five policy, under which the best five subjects (Mathematics (Compulsory Part) inclusive) are selected based upon their corresponding weighted score.

Applicants obtained “Distinction” in any one of the following four Applied Learning subjects will be considered:

  • Accounting in Practice;
  • Marketing and Online Promotion;
  • Applied Psychology; and
  • Practical Psychology

Non-academic Consideration:

For students with the same admission scores, consideration will be made on a basis of other available information including band choices, interview performance, OEA, SPN, etc.

*Remarks: Applicants must fulfill programme’s minimum entrance requirement (i.e. Core 5 excl. M1/M2: 33222).

Subject Weighting for 2018-19

The following table shows the minimum level requirement of HKDSE subjects. There are three levels of subject weight (1, 2, and 3) for the calculation of the weighted score.

The following table illustrates an example of admission calculation under our scoring system. The weighted score of each subject is calculated by the respective DSE scores attained (Y1) times the corresponding subject weight (Y2), i.e., Y1 x Y2. As the table shows, the best five subjects in terms of the five highest weighted scores are English, Mathematics (Compulsory Part), Liberal Studies, Economics and M1. These weighted scores will then be summated to form an admission score to be used for admission consideration.