Department: Supply Chain and Information Management


Programme: Bachelor of Management Science and Information Management (Honours)


Project Title: A Review of Development of Blockchain and Internet of Things: A Co-citation Proximity Analysis


Supervisor: Dr George HO


Students: CHAN Hiu Fong, LAU Man, YU Chung Nga


The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a hot issue in recent years. Many industries started to utilize IoT in their industry, ranging from manufacturing industry, financial industry, supply chain industry to healthcare industry. The influence of IoT expanded to more industry and became significant. However, privacy and security hazards are rising awareness with the popularization of IoT. To deal with aforementioned concerns, blockchain is highly recommended to work with IoT. The decentralization, transparency and immutability nature of blockchain empowered blockchain as a panacea for the privacy and security problems of IoT. Thus, many scholars have begun to study the application of blockchain in IoT.

Since deployment of blockchain in IoT has become a trend in recent years, influential blockchain-IoT related papers will be selected and investigated in this research. This paper adopts the co-citation proximity analysis, together with the data analyses of Exponential Factor Analysis (EFA), Hierarchical Clustering Analysis (HCA), Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) and K-means Clustering (KMC), in which 44 papers are extracted from the 473 papers related to Blockchain-IoT. The clustered results are then interpreted into the nine insights and opportunities of Blockchain-IoT to give contributions to related industries, namely (i) Data privacy for blockchain- IoT systems; (ii) Models and applications of blockchain-IoT; (iii) System security theories by Blockchain-IoT; (iv) Frameworks for blockchain-IoT deployment; (v) Fusion of blockchain-IoT with other emerging concepts and technologies; (vi) Applied strategies of using blockchain in IoT; (vii)Design and development of Industrial blockchain-IoT; (viii) Trust establishment through blockchain-IoT; (ix) Ecosystem of blockchain-IoT.  

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