Department: Supply Chain and Information Management


Programme: Bachelor of Management Science and Information Management (Honours)


Project Title: IELTS Online Practice Based on Text Classification and Representation Learning Approach


Supervisor: Dr Jack WU


Students: CHAN Tsz Yan, CHEN Sheung Nam, LAI Yue Kiu


Many universities in Hong Kong considered the fulfillment of IELTS as one of the graduation exit requirements. Take The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong as an example, university students required to score 6.0 or above for graduation. These days the happening of coronavirus leads to class suspensions, students have more leisure time staying at home. With the popularity of mobile phones, we have come up with an idea of launching a cloud application for enhancing student’s skills in IELTS. According to IELTS Official (2019), the second lowest mean score is Speaking session which is brand 6.27, reflecting that speaking is one of the weak parts to students. As a result we tried to focus on IELTS speaking sessions in the cloud application by providing some vocabularies for students to learn and providing them with speaking practices.

In this project, we will make use of python Optical Character Recognition, python web scraping in doing data collection, cloud NoSQL Database to store the data we collected. Fast Test will be used for topic classification and score calculation of the user’s answers. Google Web Speech is applied to record a user’s speech and python flask will be used in helping to build the website and performing a transaction of data between application and Azure database. The cloud application will be written in HTML CSS, it is applicable on ios, Android and computer.

Finally, we will implement a front end cloud application to visualize all vocabularies in our database and a set of random questions for IELTS speaking practise.  

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