Department: Supply Chain and Information Management

Programme: Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Supply Chain Management

Project Title: A Study of CO2 Emission of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Passenger Cars in three Greater Bay Area Cities

Supervisor: Dr Danny HO

Students: CHAN Wai Lam William, CHING Hau Yin, LAI Hung Ching, LONG Jin Chao, TANG Tsz Yu


In recent years, air pollution has become a serious problem all around the globe, especially in China where transportation took up to 9% of the country’s emission with a massive vehicle number of 28 million diesel or petrol vehicles (Greenpeace, 2019), showing the correlation of transportation and air pollution. Transportation causes significant air pollution in big cities with rapid economic growth, like those in Guangdong province.

In order to decrease the carbon emission in China, the Chinese government puts resources and manpower to develop new energy vehicles and industry. This study examines carbon emissions of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (HFCVs) in the fuel cycle and predicts reduction of carbon emissions in the three Greater Bay Area (GBA) cities including Foshan, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen with different adoption levels of HFCVs using a scenario analysis.

Based on the government policies, three scenarios including business-as-usual, positive (with a higher government subsidy and waive of new energy vehicle purchase tax) and negative (with a lower government subsidy and no change to vehicle purchase tax) settings are developed. Data such as vehicle population, vehicle kilometer travelled, and vehicle energy consumption are collected for estimation of carbon emissions of passenger cars in the three GBA cities. As expected, the positive scenario can reduce the most carbon emissions and the negative one reduces the least. As a result, increasing the sales of new energy vehicles and replacing existing internal combustion engine vehicles can reduce air pollution by the decrease of carbon emissions.  

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