Department: Supply Chain and Information Management

Programme: Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Supply Chain Management

Project Title: Sustainable Transport and Logistics: Life Cycle Assessment of Hydrogen Truck and its Emission Impact on Cities in GBA

Supervisor: Dr Eugene WONG

Students: LAM Ka Man, LAM Sien Ying Sophia Yasmin, LEE Lok Fung, LEE Siu Man, LIANG Sze Yin


Upon the severe climate changes and emission mitigation targets in countries all over the world, renewable energy vehicles in logistics and transport have become important in recent years. There is an increasing need to evaluate the vehicle carbon footprint and its impacts in Hong Kong as weak as cities in the Greater Bay Area (GBA). This project evaluates the carbon emission of hydrogen vehicles and their impact towards selected cities. In the GBA, various literature such as methodologies in LCA, comparison among different types of cars, carbon emissions in cities of the GBA, and the Gravity model are reviewed. Due to the increasing business, economic and logistics activities among cities of GBA, there are increasing numbers of trucks travelling among these cities, incurring carbon emissions, pollution and other environmental impacts towards these cities. The use of Hydrogen-powered vehicles is a new trend and possible ways to mitigate carbon emissions in the logistics and transport sector. Thus, LCA of selected renewable vehicles are reviewed based on the literature. A LCA software Gabi has been sought to assist in the analysis. Results from the reviewed figures are further adopted in the environmental impact analysis of trade flow among selected cities of GBA. A trade flow-based Gravity Model has been developed for analysis in the current emission impact as well as predicting the possible emission impact of vehicles travelling among selected cities of GBA. Future studies could be conducted considering emission impacts of renewable vehicles travelling in other cities of GBA.

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