Department: Supply Chain and Information Management


Programme: Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Supply Chain Management


Project Title: Sustainable Vehicle Carbon Footprint on Transport and Logistics in Cities of the Greater Bay Area


Supervisor: Dr Eugene WONG


Students: CHENG Chun Hung Andy, LUK Ching Yung Pian, SIU Wai Man Mandy, SO Wing Yu Yuna, WONG Tsz Wing Alvis


With the climate change and emission mitigation targets of countries worldwide, achieving sustainable transport and logistics with zero emissions in vehicles is becoming critical, incredibly densely populated cities like Hong Kong and nearby towns in the Greater Bay Area (GBA).

Due to the improvement of transport infrastructure and increasing trading activities among the GBA cities, the traffic flow among these cities has increased significantly. The vehicles traveling among the GBA cities are growing, resulting in a continuous increase in carbon emissions from the cars. It is crucial to reduce emissions to sustain a better living environment. This initiates various studies on vehicle usage in the cities of GBA and the development of renewable energy vehicles.

In this project, the life cycle assessment (LCA) of a renewable energy vehicle has been analyzed. LCA helps to calculate the emission of different vehicle types within its life cycle from manufacturing stage to end life and showing every single part of the vehicle and how much emission is released like CO2, H2O, etc. Over 50 types of data about the GBA cities, including GDP, population, traffic flow, vehicle types, fuel type, and cargo throughput, etc. over 15 years are collected and analysed traffic flow-based Gravity model are developed to evaluate and predict the traffic flow and emission impact in selected cities of GBA. The modified Gravity Model is used to measure the traffic flow between two selected cities of GBA. The emission impact of the current and predicted traffic flow is analyzed. Future development could be extended to the trade and traffic flow of various renewable vehicles traveling among other cities in GBA.

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