Department: Supply Chain and Information Management


Programme: Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Supply Chain Management


Project Title: Investigation of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems for Service Parts Management: The Case of Shun Hing Logistics Co. Ltd


Supervisor: Dr Daniel MO


Students: CHOI Ho Man, HUI Yat Sing, PUN Sheung Fai, TAM Chun Hei, WONG Chun Kin


As a company offers service parts to the customer, it is important to have a comprehensive system to handle the complex service parts management. It consists a thousands of different SKUs in a service parts inventory. Nowadays many companies provide the same service to their customers, the competition in this aspect is being more intense. It is necessary to enhance their own system in order to have the ability to compete with others. Using the old method in the current situation is not enough to take advantage in the industry. Apart from offering better after-sale services to customers, the internal factors can influence the competitiveness of a company. Service parts are in uncertain demand, it is essential to set up an indicator to ensure the system can meet the requirement so as to give benefit to the company. This study focuses on Shun Hing service parts management which the system does not meet company’s expectations in different aspects. To make improvement on overstocking and stock-out issues, our group applied a supply chain method to redesign the service parts management of inventory, and found out that there is an improvement on those issues. 

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