Department: Supply Chain and Information Management


Programme: Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Supply Chain Management


Project Title: The Effect of Framing on Medical Supplies’ Inventory Decisions


Supervisor: Dr Ricky WONG


Students: CHAN Chun Tung, CHANG Chia Hsun, CHOI Tsz Ting, KWOK Siu Fong, LAM Hoi Fung


Medical supply chains such as hospital supply chains have difficulties achieving supply chain optimisation because of unstable demand and patient mix. Researchers have examined and tried to provide suggestions for such problems. However, there is still limited research done to assist the effect of framing on medical supply chain decisions. Therefore, this project aims to examine the hospital’s resupply decision and inventory level under the influence of attribute framing. The online survey was distributed to participants with working experiences. Information regarding resupply of Insulin jabs was framed positively for stock-in rate, while the stockout rate was negatively framed and presented to randomly chosen participants to complete. The result from the survey (N = 81) indicated that there were limited attribute framing effects which influenced participants’ resupply decision. This preliminary study has shown that attribute framing might not be able to influence inventory level and resupply decisions. The recommendation in this project would be presented to examine other types of framing effects as well as changing the method of manipulation check for future studies regarding this field.

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