Department: Supply Chain and Information Management


Programme: Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Supply Chain Management


Project Title: Impacts of Positive and Negative Reviews on Online Consumers’ Attention


Supervisor: Dr Ricky WONG


Students: CHAN Wing Yat, CHEUNG Ka Ching, CHEUNG Ka Yan, MAK Sum Yee, NG Tsz Wai


The way of shopping has changed in this century. Unlike traditional stores, consumers can only get the product information from sales people, the use of the internet enables consumers to seek for additional information such as product rating and users’ reviews. In this ever-changing world, eye-tracking technology has undergone a rapid growth and development that many people start to investigate about this new technology. As online shopping has been more popular in our society, eye-tracking technology is essential to understand more about online consumers’ behaviour and better help to target the online marketing strategy easily. Thus, this research aims to investigate online consumers’ behaviour by eye-tracking technology which shows how online consumers’ attention is driven by product rating and positive and negative reviews. In this research, we conducted an experiment to find out how consumers’ attention is paid when they browse the product information. In the experiment, respondents were requested to screen an online product description prototype by using eye-tracking tools in order to gather data like fixation count and fixation duration of their eyeball movements. As Positive-Negative Asymmetry Theory suggests that there is a negative effect which negative information will weigh more than positive ones, this research project will examine whether the suggestion from the theory matches with the real case by conducting the experiment using eye-tracking.

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