Department: Supply Chain and Information Management

Programme: Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Supply Chain Management

Project Title: How Does Framing Effect Affects Supplier Selection?

Supervisor: Dr Ricky WONG

Students: AU YEUNG Yat Ho, CHAN Ho Kwok, LAI Yu San, SHUM King Hang


Supplier selection is the process by which firms identify, evaluate, and contract with supplier. In order to choose a suitable supplier, several selection processes are needed. Through the selection process, it clarifies the characteristics of the supplier and match the important strategic alignment factor with company value. However, during the supplier selection, framing effect may be one of all concerns which influence the decision makers. This report describes three types of framing effect, the reason why choosing Attribute Framing effect as the research target and how attribute framing affects the supplier selection. A survey will be conducted to the public so that it will through experiment to collect data from the random public and obtain objective result. Several test experiment will be conducted, they prove the attribute framing effect is important to supplier selection.

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