Growing Enrichment

Life at the School can be enriching many ways.  As we are located between country parks on one side and village and urban areas on the other, the environment is already ripe for inspiration and interest.  We have an increasing diversity of students from a broad selection of backgrounds, and a set of key opportunities to meet others in both formal and informal ways.  In addition to a broad variety of interests such as business, logistics, business analysis, and computing technology, processing and human computer interaction, there are also professionally and personally enriching activities such as student exchange, internships, mentorship and student development.  We have the hard and the soft, the yin and the yang, and they can be integrated through work and leisure.

[Photo] Student exchange to USA

Exchange Opportunities

Students enjoy various exchange opportunities administered by the Students Affairs Office. Partnerships with universities and institutions in various countries/regions have been established for both inbound/outbound exchanges.

[Photo] MST DSBI Internship 2017-06

Internship and Career Development

Information and guidance on student placement, internship and career development activities are provided by the Career Planning and Development of Student Affairs Office. Students and recent graduates can also search for internships or jobs through a one-stop online platform.

[Photo] Company Visit to Qianhai


Careers Mentorship Programme administered by the Student Affairs Office connects students with business professionals who will provide students with advice and insights in connection with their career goals.

At department level, industry leaders and professionals serve as mentors to share experience with students. Besides, each student will be assigned a teacher as personal tutor. Students can share their learning needs and personal development matters with their personal tutors. This is also an effective channel through which teachers could establish stronger bonding with students, and to learn about their views and needs for continuous enhancement of our programmes.

[Photo] HSMC Sports Facilities
[Photo] HSMC Sports Facilities (Volley Ball)

Student Development

A wide variety of activities, campaigns and community services are available to realise students’ full potential and broaden their perspectives. Students can also enjoy sports activities in the Sports and Amenities Centre and attend training programmes provided by a team of experienced physical education staff. Check out more details at the Student Affairs Office.