A Commitment to High Quality Research

The School of Decision Sciences has a commitment to high quality research.  Since its inception in 2014, the School has successfully secured a considerable number of external competitive research grants, with funding totalling HK$48.3 million, in the following schemes: 


  • HKSAR Central Policy Unit – Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (PPR)
  • HKSAR Education Bureau – Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS)
  • Research Grants Council – Competitive Research Funding Scheme for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector:


(i) Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)

(ii) The Inter-Institutional Development Scheme (IIDS)

        (iii) Institutional Development Scheme (IDS) Collaborative Research Grant


No. of External Grant Received

Total Amount (HK$)





5 1 1 0 0



5 1 0 0 0



10 1 0 0 0



7 2 0 0 0



6 2 0 0 0



9 1 0 2 1





Lists of External Funded Projects

Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded (HK$)
Dr CHU Man-ying Longitudinal Item Response Techniques with Applications to Education and Psychosocial Interventions 807,400
Dr MA Hoi-lam The Impacts of Heterogeneous Maintenance Actions on Aircraft Routing Problems in regard to Airline Operations Reliability and Profitability 745,300
Prof TANG Man-lai Model Selection with High Dimensional Incomplete Data 723,450
Dr WANG Yue Generalised Needs-based Product Configurator Design 783,250
Dr WONG Eugene Yin-cheung Three-echelon Collaborative Slot Allocation Planning for Liner Shipping Revenue Management Under Uncertain Demand 869,788
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded (HK$)
Ms MO Elaine Yee-lam Symposium in Reliability Theory and Industrial Statistics 485,400
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded (HK$)
Dr CHOY Siu-kai Fuzzy Bit-plane-dependence Multi-domain Region Competition: Mathematical Modelling and Applications 575,473
Dr CHU Man-ying Statistical disclosure control of confidential data using vine copulas with applications to finance and healthcare management 506,100
Dr HO Man-wai A Bayesian Semiparametric Approach to the Endogeneity Problem 463,090
Dr LAM Benson Shu-yan Supervised Dimensionality Reduction with Unsupervised Learning: Theory and Applications 476,200
Dr LIU Hai Self-adaptive Collective Motion of Swarm Robots 848,262
Dr MO Yiu-wing Design of Flexible Vehicle Management Systems for Mass Customised and Sustainable Paratransit Services 776,322
Prof TANG Man-lai Alternative Item Count Techniques for Sensitive Survey Questions: Theories and Methods 844,200
Dr WANG Yue Configuration-based recommendation for online product customization in e-commerce 828,100
Dr WONG Wai-kit Optimizing Analytics Processing in Encrypted Database Systems 557,850
Dr YU Kwok-wai Interior Subgradient Methods for Large-scale Quasi-convex Optimization and Their Applications 611,153
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded (HK$)
Dr CHU Man-ying Recent Developments in Business Analytics and New Research Directions 403,750
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded (HK$)
Dr CHU Man-ying Statistical Inference of Sensitive Randomized Dichotomous Responses with Applications to Information Management and Healthcare Management 1,182,250
Dr MO Yiu-wing Adaptive Process Optimization Strategies: Sustaining the Best-in-class Performance of Spare Parts Services 985,650
Dr LEE Wing-yan Analysis and Application of Bounds in Insolvency Problem 733,800
Prof TANG Man-lai Advanced Statistical Methods for Complex Longitudinal Data Analysis 1,114,450
Dr WONG Wai-kit Secure Cloud Database System using Communication-Efficient Multi-Party Computation 712,209
Dr WONG Eugene Yin-cheung Consumer Carbon Label: Development of Supply Chain Product Carbon Footprint and Consumer Carbon Index for Beverage Merchandise 967,227
Dr YUEN Fei-lung On the Uncertainty of Value-at-Risk of Individual Risk 1,152,383
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded (HK$)
Dr MO Yiu-wing Intelligent Systems Ready for the Digital Future of Supply Chains 541,198
Dr WONG Eugene Yin-cheung Interactive Case-based Pedagogical Development on Maritime, Aviation and Logistics Law for Supply Chain and Logistics Operations 402,025
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded (HK$)
Dr CHOY Siu-kai Fuzzy Generalised Gaussian Density Segmentation Model: Mathematical Analysis and Applications 870,550
Dr MO Yiu-wing Sustainable Development for Community Dial-a-ride Services: Driving more People without more Vehicles 692,530
Dr WANG Yue Relative Attribute Based Configurator Design for Mass Customization 783,150
Dr WONG Wai-hung A Global Network Decision Support System for Air Passenger and Freight Businesses 236,900
Dr YU Marco Chak-yan Investigation of Spatio-temporal Relationship between the Structure and Function in Glaucoma Using Partial Least Squares Regression (PLS-R) 1,059,083
Dr YU Kwok-wai Sparse Optimization Models with Application to Portfolio Management 1,006,183
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded (HK$)
Dr YEUNG Shirley Mo-ching Sustainable Development in Higher Education – Responsible Management, Innovative Programme Design and Green Learning Environment 342,815
Mr ZEL Stanley Tze-fung Symposia in Data Science 419,175
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded (HK$)
Dr CHAN Chi-Kong On 2-d rectangular packing problem with aspect ratio considerations 159,850
Dr CHOY Siu-kai Model-based Unsupervised Image Segmentation 573,620
Dr GLOWACKA Karolina Joanna Integrated modeling approach for increasing Hong Kong Port competitiveness 721,377
Dr Benson LAM Data Functional Modelling with Outliers 989,897
Dr WONG Eugene Yin-cheung Supply chain decarbonisation: good industry practices and development of carbon footprint toolkit 639,055
Dr WONG Ricky Siu-kuen Systematic Biases in Hong Kong’s Mandatory Provident Funds and UK’s Individual Savings Account 589,260
Dr WONG Wai-Kit Improving selection query processing speed of secure cloud database systems by tuple pruning on desensitized data 1,053,400
Prof TANG Man-lai New Items Count Techniques for Surveys with Sensitive Questions: Theories and Methods 618,585
Dr YU Kwok-wai Generalized Multicriteria Programs and Their Application in Portfolio Selection Problems 667,115
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded (HK$)
Dr LIU Nga-wai Workshop Series in Applied Statistics 381,570
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded (HK$)
Dr WONG Eugene Yin-cheung The Development of Educational and Research Center with Automatic Virtual Reality Platform for 3D Interactive Learning and Big Data Analytics 2,000,000
Dr WONG Wai-hung A Visual Platform for the Design, Implementation, and Analysis of Collaborative Business Simulation Games 6,600,140
Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded (HK$)
Dr WONG Wai-hung Preventing Marginalization in Air Passenger and Freight Businesses – a Global Network Decision Support System 654,500