External Funded Projects

A Commitment to High Quality Research

The School of Decision Sciences has a commitment to high quality research.  Since its inception in 2014, the School has successfully secured a considerable number of external competitive research grants, with funding totalling HK$131 million, in the following schemes: 

  • HKSAR Central Policy Unit – Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (PPR)
  • HKSAR Education Bureau – Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS)
  • Research Grants Council – Competitive Research Funding Scheme for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector:

(i) Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)

(ii) The Inter-Institutional Development Scheme (IIDS)

(iii) Institutional Development Scheme (IDS) Collaborative Research Grant

  •  Research Matching Grant Scheme (RMGS)^
  •  Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF)

^The Research Matching Grant Scheme (RMGS) was introduced by the Hong Kong Government in August 2019.  A total of $3 billion will be provided in three years (1 August 2019 to 31 July 2022) for application by local degree-awarding institutions, including self-financing institutions.  Under the RMGS, research development donations and research grants/ research contracts from the non-government/ non-public sector and philanthropists secured by individual institutions for research-related purposes can be matched by the Government.  

Academic YearNo. of FDSNo. of IIDSNo. of IDSNo. of RMGSNo. of QESSNo. of PPRNo. of ITFTotal Amount (HK$)


Total amount of 2019/20 included funding received from the 1st – 4th installments of a RMGS project “Smart Space – Intelligence Smart Cities Management and IoT Analytics Platform.


Total amount of 2020/21 included funding received from the 5th – 8th installments of a RMGS project “Smart Space – Intelligence Smart Cities Management and IoT Analytics Platform.


Total amount of 2021/22 included funding received from the 9th – 11th installments of a RMGS project “Smart Space – Intelligence Smart Cities Management and IoT Analytics Platform.


Total amount of 2022/23 included funding received from the 12th installment of a RMGS project “Smart Space -Intelligence Smart Cities Management and IoT Analytics Platform.

Lists of External Funded Projects

Academic YearPrincipal InvestigatorProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
2022/23Dr CHU Carlin Chun-faiEarly Detection of Cyberbullying Incidents in Chinese-English Code-Mixed Language with Targeted Emotional Colloquial Slang Phrases: A Transfer Learning Approach916,650
2022/23Dr MA Hoi-lamMinimizing Maintenance Delays by Integrating Aircraft Maintenance Routing and Maintenance Workforce Scheduling with the Consideration of Component Availability1,359,350
2022/23Dr WANG YueMetaConfigurator: A Resource-Effective Method to Develop Needs-Based Configurators for Product Customisation1,261,600
2022/23Dr NG Chi-timAdmixture Analysis of Multi-Site Multivariate Time Series1,529,550
2022/23Dr NG Wai-leongGeneralized Fiducial Inference and Model Selection on Multiple Change-point Detection in Autoregressive Time Series1,324,850
2022/23Dr YU Kwok-waiJoint Sparse Optimization: Nonconvex Penalty Theory and Applications1,324,850
2021/22Dr NG Wai-leongSequential Change-Point Detection in High-Dimensional Vector Autoregressive Models973,000
2021/22Dr YU Kwok-waiPartially Separable and Sparse Optimization: Theory and Applications915,270
2021/22Dr WANG YueAutoQFD: A Smart Quality Function Deployment Method for Product Development1,209,850
2021/22Dr MA Hoi-lamScheduling of Heterogeneous Autonomous Mobile Robots for Robotic Cells Manufacturing in Smart Manufacturing1,515,750
2021/22Dr HO To-sumDynamic Pick Face Replenishment & Pallet Consolidation Model for Landing in the Next E-Fulfilment Normal669,975
2021/22Dr MO Yiu-wingDual Channel Logistics Strategy with the Integration of Crowdsourced Vehicles for Ad Hoc Demand493,450
2021/22Dr LAM Hoi-yanRiding to Success in Cold Chain Digitalization: A Digital Twin based Closed-Loop Logistics Decision Mode769,519
2021/22Dr LIU HaiEnhancing Wireless Information Freshness via Physical-Layer Network Coding and Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access1,143,229
2021/22Dr MA Yu-takQuantifying Privacy Risk of Mobile Applications through Machine Learning843,050
2020/21Dr NG Wai-leongInference for Multiple Change-points in Piecewise Locally Stationary Time Series1,628,450
2020/21Dr SIU Chi-chungGeneralized Sethi Advertising Model and Extensions759,100
2020/21Dr HO To-sumVariable Selection Methods for Complex Data Analysis1,453,650
2020/21Dr YU Kwok-waiLow-rank Matrix Optimization via Nonconvex Regularization with Applications966,100
2020/21Dr MA Hoi-lamHow Can Giant Air Cargo Forwarders be Enhanced by Partnership with Airlines: A Utilisation of Unused Baggage Capacity Approach1,488,150
2020/21Dr WONG Collin Wai-hungThe Effects of Global Aviation Network Data Analytic Approach on Strategic Network Development and Traffic Forecasting623,400
2020/21Dr WU Chun-hoA Blockchain-enabled IoT System for Pallet-pooling Management595,800
2019/20Dr CHOY Siu-kaiUnsupervised Fuzzy Superpixel-based Image Segmentation985,144
2019/20Dr HO To-sumBlockchain-based E-Commerce Analytics Model for Facilitating Trusted Data Exchange and Digital Supply Chain Integration997,840
2019/20Dr MA Hoi-lamImpacts of Dependent Flight Delay on Cabin Crew Pairing Reliability in Airlines1,104,100
2019/20Dr MA Yu-takSecuring Smart-City Infrastructures Using Markov Game1,138,859
2019/20Dr WONG Ricky Siu-kuenThe Hidden Costs of the Use of Compliance Tactics in Repeated Negotiation220,900
2018/19Dr CHU Man-yingLongitudinal Item Response Techniques with Applications to Education and Psychosocial Interventions807,400
2018/19Dr MA Hoi-lamThe Impacts of Heterogeneous Maintenance Actions on Aircraft Routing Problems in regard to Airline Operations Reliability and Profitability745,300
2018/19Prof TANG Man-laiModel Selection with High Dimensional Incomplete Data723,450
2018/19Dr WANG YueGeneralised Needs-based Product Configurator Design783,250
2018/19Dr WONG Eugene Yin-cheungThree-echelon Collaborative Slot Allocation Planning for Liner Shipping Revenue Management Under Uncertain Demand869,788
2017/18Dr CHOY Siu-kaiFuzzy Bit-plane-dependence Multi-domain Region Competition: Mathematical Modelling and Applications575,473
2017/18Dr CHU Man-yingStatistical disclosure control of confidential data using vine copulas with applications to finance and healthcare management506,100
2017/18Dr HO Man-waiA Bayesian Semiparametric Approach to the Endogeneity Problem463,090
2017/18Dr LAM Benson Shu-yanSupervised Dimensionality Reduction with Unsupervised Learning: Theory and Applications476,200
2017/18Dr LIU HaiSelf-adaptive Collective Motion of Swarm Robots848,262
2017/18Dr MO Yiu-wingDesign of Flexible Vehicle Management Systems for Mass Customised and Sustainable Paratransit Services776,322
2017/18Prof TANG Man-laiAlternative Item Count Techniques for Sensitive Survey Questions: Theories and Methods844,200
2017/18Dr WANG YueConfiguration-based recommendation for online product customization in e-commerce828,100
2017/18Dr WONG Wai-kitOptimizing Analytics Processing in Encrypted Database Systems557,850
2017/18Dr YU Kwok-waiInterior Subgradient Methods for Large-scale Quasi-convex Optimization and Their Applications611,153
2016/17Dr CHU Man-yingStatistical Inference of Sensitive Randomized Dichotomous Responses with Applications to Information Management and Healthcare Management1,182,250
2016/17Dr MO Yiu-wingAdaptive Process Optimization Strategies: Sustaining the Best-in-class Performance of Spare Parts Services985,650
2016/17Dr LEE Wing-yanAnalysis and Application of Bounds in Insolvency Problem733,800
2016/17Prof TANG Man-laiAdvanced Statistical Methods for Complex Longitudinal Data Analysis1,114,450
2016/17Dr WONG Wai-kitSecure Cloud Database System using Communication-Efficient Multi-Party Computation712,209
2016/17Dr WONG Eugene Yin-cheungConsumer Carbon Label: Development of Supply Chain Product Carbon Footprint and Consumer Carbon Index for Beverage Merchandise967,227
2016/17Dr YUEN Fei-lungOn the Uncertainty of Value-at-Risk of Individual Risk1,152,383
2015/16Dr CHOY Siu-kaiFuzzy Generalised Gaussian Density Segmentation Model: Mathematical Analysis and Applications870,550
2015/16Dr MO Yiu-wingSustainable Development for Community Dial-a-ride Services: Driving more People without more Vehicles692,530
2015/16Dr WANG YueRelative Attribute Based Configurator Design for Mass Customization783,150
2015/16Dr WONG Wai-hungA Global Network Decision Support System for Air Passenger and Freight Businesses236,900
2015/16Dr YU Marco Chak-yanInvestigation of Spatio-temporal Relationship between the Structure and Function in Glaucoma Using Partial Least Squares Regression (PLS-R)1,059,083
2015/16Dr YU Kwok-waiSparse Optimization Models with Application to Portfolio Management1,006,183
2014/15Dr CHAN Chi-KongOn 2-d rectangular packing problem with aspect ratio considerations159,850
2014/15Dr CHOY Siu-kaiModel-based Unsupervised Image Segmentation573,620
2014/15Dr GLOWACKA Karolina JoannaIntegrated modeling approach for increasing Hong Kong Port competitiveness721,377
2014/15Dr LAM Benson Shu-yanData Functional Modelling with Outliers989,897
2014/15Dr WONG Eugene Yin-cheungSupply chain decarbonisation: good industry practices and development of carbon footprint toolkit639,055
2014/15Dr WONG Ricky Siu-kuenSystematic Biases in Hong Kong’s Mandatory Provident Funds and UK’s Individual Savings Account589,260
2014/15Dr WONG Wai-KitImproving selection query processing speed of secure cloud database systems by tuple pruning on desensitized data1,053,400
2014/15Prof TANG Man-laiNew Items Count Techniques for Surveys with Sensitive Questions: Theories and Methods618,585
2014/15Dr YU Kwok-waiGeneralized Multicriteria Programs and Their Application in Portfolio Selection Problems667,115

Academic YearPrincipal InvestigatorProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
2021/22Dr WONG Eugene Yin-cheungExtended Reality on Smart Transport and Logistics: Embracing Innovative Theories and Technologies for Enhancing Operational Resilience and Efficiency 554,548
2019/20Dr WONG Eugene Yin-cheungCybersecurity: Risk Management from Advanced Technology to Law and Insurance for Maritime and Aviation Logistics Operations707,695
2018/19Ms MO Elaine Yee-lamSymposium in Reliability Theory and Industrial Statistics485,400
2017/18Dr CHU Man-yingRecent Developments in Business Analytics and New Research Directions403,750
2016/17Dr MO Yiu-wingIntelligent Systems Ready for the Digital Future of Supply Chains541,198
2016/17Dr WONG Eugene Yin-cheungInteractive Case-based Pedagogical Development on Maritime, Aviation and Logistics Law for Supply Chain and Logistics Operations402,025
2015/16Dr YEUNG Shirley Mo-chingSustainable Development in Higher Education – Responsible Management, Innovative Programme Design and Green Learning Environment342,815
2015/16Mr ZEL Stanley Tze-fungSymposia in Data Science419,175
2014/15Dr LIU Nga-waiWorkshop Series in Applied Statistics381,570

Academic YearPrincipal InvestigatorProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
2019/20Dr WONG Eugene Yin-cheungDevelopment of Renewable Energy for Decarbonising and Modelling Sustainable Transport and Logistics Operations in Smart Cities of Greater Bay Area3,015,000

Academic YearPrincipal InvestigatorProject TitleAmount Awarded – Matching grant (HK$)
2022/23Dr TANG ValerieDigital Transformation in Warehouse Management using MES, RPA and AI2,450,000
2021/22Dr WU Chun-hoBlockchain-based Insurance and Financial Products Recommendation: Affordances and Actualisations4,236,970
2021/22Dr HO Kin-hon RoyIntelligent Wireless Edge Networks: Theories and Applications6,669,000
2021/22Dr CHU Chun-faiElectronic & Algo Trading with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence3,794,400
2020/21Dr HO To-sumResearch and Development of Contactless Parking System for Hourly and Monthly Parking215,500
2020/21Dr CHU Chun-faiInvestigation and Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Artificial Intelligence Models in Finanacial Investment Portfolio Selection Models7,668,000
2020/21Dr WU Chun-hoApplying Innovation Resistance Theory to Understanding the Adoption of Delivery Apps in the Wine Industry1,425,000
2020/21Dr NG Chi-hungDesign of an AI-based intelligent model for enhancing business performance1,545,719
2019/20Dr WONG Eugene Yin-cheungDevelopment of Function Deployment Model for Analysing Customer Requirements, Technology Needs, Competence Development and Supply Chain Risks for Sustainable ERP-based Transport Systems4,723,200
2019/20Dr LAM Hoi-yanDesign of a Blockchain-based Intelligent Model for Enhancing Supply Chain Reliability594,740
2019/20Dr CHOY Siu-kaiApplications of SAS Viya in Big Data Analytics7,008,344
2019/20Dr WU Chun-hoEstimating Blockchain IoT Project Completion Times – Simulation and Analytic approach933,333
2019/20Dr WONG Wai-hungA Longitudinal Study on the Dynamics of Hong Kong and Southern China Maritime Ports170,000
2019/20Dr HO To-sumSmart Space – Intelligent Smart Cities Management and IoT Analytics Platform4,455,278 (by eight installments)
2019/20Dr MO Yiu-wingStudy on Digital Standard for Assessing Students’ Learning Performance with Data Analytics5,400,000

Academic Year Principal InvestigatorProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
2019/20Dr WONG Eugene Yin-cheungDevelopment of Real-time Cooperative VR multi-CAVE systems for collaborative and team learning

2019/20Dr WU Chun-ho JackInteractive Artificial Intelligence Assisted Chatbot for Self-improving Oral English Proficiency1,252,458
2014/15Dr WONG Eugene Yin-cheungThe Development of Educational and Research Center with Automatic Virtual Reality Platform for 3D Interactive Learning and Big Data Analytics2,000,000
2014/15Dr WONG Wai-hungA Visual Platform for the Design, Implementation, and Analysis of Collaborative Business Simulation Games6,600,140

Academic YearPrincipal InvestigatorProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
2014/15Dr WONG Wai-hungPreventing Marginalization in Air Passenger and Freight Businesses – a Global Network Decision Support System654,500

Academic YearPrincipal InvestigatorProject TitleAmount Awarded (HK$)
2020/21Dr HO To-sumSmart Robotic Workforce: A Digital Twin-based Solution for Process Re-Engineering in Small and Medium Enterprises


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