Established in 2014
  • School of Decision Sciences

  • Department of Computer Science

    • BSc (Hons) in Applied Computing (BSc-AC)

    • MSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (MSc-DSAI)

  • Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Insurance

    • BSc (Hons) in Data Science and Business Intelligence (BSc-DSBI)

    • BSc (Hons in Actuarial Studies and Insurance (BSc-AIN)

    • MSc in Insurance (MSc-INS)

  • Department of Supply Chain and Information Management

    • BBA (Hons) in Supply Chain Management (BBA-SCM)

    • Bachelor of Management Science and Information Management (Hons) (BMSIM)

    • MSc in Global Supply Chain Management (MSc-GSCM)

    • Big Data Intelligence Centre

    • Policy Research Institute of Global Supply Chain

Number of
Full-time Staff

(as at Sept 2022)

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(as at 2021/22)

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(as at 2021/22)
Number of External Funded Research Projects

(2014/15 – 2023/24):108

Amount of External Research Funding Received

(2014/15 – 2023/24):HK$153 million